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30.11.2020- The Pixel Door - Ruined Piano is out today!

18.11.2020- The Pixel Door - Ruined Piano will be released at 30 November. This album will contain tracks with piano (on a larger scale than usual) and IDM / breakcore components. This release timed for my birthday so less than two weeks left to wait it. Stay tuned!

15.03.2020- The Pixel Door - Fallen IS OUT TODAY!

28.04.2019- The Pixel Door - Tishina IS OUT TODAY!

30.03.2019- The Pixel Door - Factory of Dreams IS OUT TODAY!

04.09.2018 - I'm interested in cooperation with directors of short films or indie games, if the project will be interesting for me, cooperation is possible on a no-cost basis. On all questions and suggestions write to me on e-mail: info(at)

08.06.2018- The Pixel Door - Defoliation (Remaster 2018) IS OUT TODAY!

28.04.2018- The Pixel Door - Darknezz IS OUT TODAY!

10.04.2018- The Pixel Door - Darknezz Teaser (Release date 28/04/2018)

18.04.2017- The Pixel Door - 4/4 is OUT today


12.03.2017 - The Pixel Door - 4/4 will be released on 18/04/2017

11.09.2016 - The Pixel Door @ Pianobar NIKO

The Pixel Door @ NIKO September 4 2016 by on

25.03.2016 - The Pixel Door - pending...

25.02.2016 - 25/03/2016 The Pixel Door - pending...


17.12.2015 - I'm started blogging on website. You will find news from The Pixel Door and TPD Label in here.

16.12.2015 - New design for The Pixel Door website.